Buchart Horn Architects
 Buchart Horn Architects designed a conversion of a former light industrial building to accommodate relocation of the York County Prison's work release program to a dedicated facility. Male inmates who qualify for the work release program are currently housed in modular trailers on the prison grounds, while female work release participants are quartered with regular minimum-security female inmates.  To alleviate past overcrowding, York County Prison had transferred its male work release inmates to the modular trailers in 2002, with a pledge to develop a permanent solution within 10 years. The adaptive reuse of this newly purchased building will provide a durable, long-lasting facility for both male and female work release inmates and will accommodate 300 total inmates (225 male and 75 female).  The new location, originally constructed as a truck tire service center in 1975 with additions in 1991 and 1992, is approximately 36,500 SF, a close match to the square footage required for the work release program. Exterior entrances and exits required upgrades, but no additions to the building were needed. Site improvements included sanitary sewer upgrades, landscape buffers, streetscape buffers, street lighting, parking lot upgrades, property corner monuments, and offsite roadway improvements. The requested 100 parking spaces were accommodated on site. Building improvements included a complete new thermal envelope achieved with 3" insulated metal wall panels and new roof decking and rigid insulation to meet the requirements of the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code, completely new mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems, and new accessible entry ramps for both males and females.

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