Buchart Horn Architects
 Buchart Horn Architects designed a new maintenance facility at the Montebello Water Treatment Plant. The maintenance facility serves as a central maintenance area for nearly a dozen pump stations that are a part of Baltimore City's water delivery system.  The new 22,620-SF facility is on the grounds of Montebello Filtration Plant, between Hillen Road and Lake Montebello. Because the site is restricted, it was necessary to provide parking for City and employee vehicles and to provide service and delivery vehicle access to three separate departmental loading areas.  There are separate entrances for employees and the public because of heightened security concerns. Camera surveillance was provided for the building and all vehicle parking areas.  Both the owner and nearby residents are very sensitive about the aesthetics and other impacts of the facility. The design had to be architecturally compatible with the nearby water pumping station built in 1900.

Montebello Water Treatment Plant | Maintenance Shop