Buchart Horn Architects
 Buchart Horn Architect's work with Hampden Township on this project was organized in three phases.  The second phase is the construction of a new Emergency Services Building (ESB North). Designed to replace the 50-year-old Good Hope Fire Station, the $4.5-million ESB North provides improved fire and ambulance services to the Township's rapidly growing northern sections as well as to accidents on nearby I-81. The new one-story facility includes five drive-through fire equipment bays, an EMS section, a public multi-purpose room with a kitchen, an emergency operations center, dormitory rooms, a fitness area, and space to store and display historic fire company artifacts.  Building placement on the site and vehicular circulation were carefully considered. Both the site and the new building were zoned to separate public and emergency circulation and functions. The building is partitioned into discrete Medic, Fire and Public areas, and arranged based on their relationships to one other and the need for efficient site circulation. The form of the 25,000-SF building is shaped by the needs and relationship of the building's functions as well as a desire to create a simple but memorable landmark for this area of the Township.

Hampden Township | New Fire Department Facility