Buchart Horn Architects
 As part of an ongoing campus improvement program, Buchart Horn Architects (BHA) has provided a variety of architectural and engineering design services to assist the University with renovation and conversion of facilities. These projects are designed to meet the campus' changing academic and needs while not disrupting operations.  The Olmsted Building is Penn State Harrisburg's academic and administrative hub. It houses the majority of classrooms on campus and features numerous student amenities, administrative offices, and a variety of services to assist students. BH has designed the following renovations to the Olmsted Building:  -Addition of three new offices to the marketing area  -Conversion of two large offices into four smaller offices in the public policy area  -Addition of two new offices to the engineering area  -Alterations to an existing seminar room, converting it into four offices with the addition of an adjacent corridor  Each renovated area included minor reconfigurations to the existing mechanical, electrical, and fire alarm systems.

Penn State Harrisburg | Olmsted Building Renovations