Buchart Horn Architects
 St. Francis de Sales Catholic Elementary School, a K-8 parochial institution for 475 students, sits above Interstate 68 on a beautiful hilltop overlooking Morgantown, WV.  The architecture builds on the imagery associated with a dairy farm that occupied this property for three generations. The building includes a silo, gambrel-shaped roofs on the classroom wings and an architecture reminiscent of the stone house for the Pre-K classrooms, which sit free of, and in front of, the building itself. The design reflects the history of the site while providing a building at a scale and of a comfort level appropriate for 475 elementary students.  Included are pre-K thru 8 classrooms, cafeteria, a full high school gymnasium, a large library/learning center, computer, art, music, and all the other facilities normally associated with a progressive elementary program. Internal colors are bright and lively complimenting the playful architecture.

St. Francis de Sales Catholic School | New Elementary School