Buchart Horn Architects
 The goal of the renovation and historic restoration of Seton Hill’s 1888 Administration Building was to highlight the functions of the National Education Center for Women in Business (NECWB), and the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education (NCCHE) in the building, to help bring Seton Hill to the forefront of women’s education.  This effort, a result of a Master Plan completed by BHA for Seton Hill’s entire campus, included the elimination of current dormitory functions in the upper floors Admin and the return of the entire building to academic and administrative functions.  This building was erected in 1888 of heavy timber and brick masonry construction with interior plaster walls, custom woodwork, decorative parlor paintings and other unusual finishes. In order to accommodate academic functions, new electrical power panels, communications closets and an HVAC system were installed, along with an elevator and completely modern computer classroom facilities. Now this 1888 gem is as modern as any contemporary teaching facility, yet harkens to the architectural traditions of the past.

Seton Hill University | Administration Building Restoration