Buchart Horn Architects
 Buchart Horn Architects designed a new 33,400 SF, two-story, 128-cell L4 (close security) Housing Facility for the State Correctional Institution at Muncy. BHA provided architecture; structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering; landscape architecture; and other professional services as well as construction administration services.  SCI Muncy was experiencing critical levels of overcrowding and required an extreme fast-track for design and construction of additional housing. Having previously designed a similar housing unit at Muncy, BHA was asked to design the new unit. The project construction was split into three separate contracts in order to expedite the schedule.  The first contract, by others, provided for early fabrication of the precast concrete cells with interior furnishings for bunks, desk, security mirror, wardrobe lockers, and shelf, all manufactured by the Department of Corrections, Correctional Industries.  The second contract was a site package for work outside the security fence perimeter of the operating correctional institution. Erosion and sedimentation control; site preparation, and work to clear the space for the building foundation slabs-on-grade; and masonry foundation walls were included. The 64 double-cell modular precast cell units were then set into the foundation construction.  The final contract tasked multiple primes with constructing Buchart Horn Architects design around the precast cell units. General construction covered underground utilities, structural steel, exterior precast concrete walls, interior masonry, roof deck, floor slab, roofing system, door and windows, etc. HVAC construction covered ductwork, piping, mechanical equipment room, and four 6200 cfm energy recovery rooftop units with central steam supply and energy recovery wheel for heating and electric direct expansion for cooling. Plumbing construction covered the underground and above ground piping and plumbing fixture connections, etc. Electrical construction covered the excavation and trenching of the electrical service duct bank and supplying and setting a pad-mounted transformer and automatic transfer switch. This contract also covered the power wiring for the mechanical system equipment, smoke evacuation equipment and installation of the fire alarm system. The electrical service, associated electrical systems, and the security system including door control and data/telephone system were all designed by BHA.  The project used a systematic process for commissioning to ensure that all building systems performed interactively according to SCI Muncy's design intent and operational needs.  

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