Buchart Horn Architects

FEMA Community Safe Room Picayune

After completing a series of site assessments and investigations to verify acceptability for construction of an emergency community storm shelter, Buchart Horn designed a 12,000-SF standalone storm shelter in Picayune, MS. The Picayune Community Safe Room is adjacent to a high school and utilizes its existing parking. The single-story shelter includes a large community room, food prep area, restrooms, back-up water/sewer, and back-up power generator. The main utility rooms are accessible from the adjacent highway utilities. The two main entrance doors face south, and a service door provides the third exit. Precast concrete wall panels and roof decking form the structural shell and provide the exposed interior finish. Integral thin brick compliments the adjacent brick buildings on the school campus. The air handling unit is located on an equipment platform above the restrooms. The new shelter was designed to FEMA 361 First Edition standards.

FEMA 361 Design Features:
Tornado and hurricane safe room (combined hazard)
Design basic wind speed = 200 mph
Durable concrete wall panels and roof tees
Building shell is hardened to resist specified projectile levels
Glazing and doors meet impact tests
Total usable square footage per FEMA is 10 SF per occupant = 877 occupants
The single-story facility meets accessibility standards
Louvers protected by steel grills
HVAC system meets (IECC) International Energy Conservation Code
Back-up systems include water, sewer, fire protection, and an emergency generator