Buchart Horn Architects
 The previous Mt. Lebanon High School was built in 6 pieces between 1928 and 1972 and is over 700 ft long and 6 stories in height on a very complex site. In need of a renovation and addition, the District hired BHAfor this team’s knowledge of 21st century educational initiatives, like “project-based learning” and “technology enhanced learning” environments, as well the team’s architectural skill necessary to deal with an extremely complex property and project. Keeping this large and complex high school for 2,000 students open during construction was a challenge.  The design kept a piece of the original 1928 building on Cochran Road which is near and dear to the hearts of many residents of Mt. Lebanon. Various other pieces of the building were demolished and reconstructed as the construction progressed. A new educational wing, primarily for a learning commons and the natural sciences, was built across the back of the site starting from South to North. Now no part of the new school is higher than four stories.  The 475,000 SF addition and renovation will house 60 new classrooms, many science labs, project studios, three gymnasiums, an 8-lane swimming pool, a 1,600-seat auditorium, a 350-seat theater, food court, learning commons and six tennis courts.

Mt. Lebanon Senior High School | Addition and Renovation